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Cabeza Group is a Logistics Operator with more than 135 years of experience in the sector. We are air, sea and land transportation specialists. We offer customized solutions to transport all types of merchandise around the globe.

We are known for offering an extensive catalogue of national and international services, as well as for safety, efficiency and excellence which we guarantee in every one of the services that we provide. 

The origin of the Cabeza Group goes back to the year 1880 when Francisco Cabeza Lizón was established in Malaga as a Customs Agent and Transit Commissioner.

Our activity

We develop the activities of Customs Agency, Warehouses and Customs Warehouses, International Freight Forwarders, Official Agents of Air Cargo of IATA, Shipping Agents and Port Stevedores.

Our core services

We provide solutions anywhere in the world, making it possible for leading companies to trust us. This collaboration is what has led to our exceptional results. Discover our services:
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The knowledgeable team of professionals that make up Grupo Cabeza and our extensive experience allow us to provide the best service and guidance to our clients regarding their specific importing and exporting needs.

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We adapt to the needs of each client, guaranteeing superior service for air shipments. We are leaders in the air freight industry in Andalusia and offer top-notch solutions for any import or export cargo.

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We provide this service from our offices in Málaga, Algeciras, La Línea, Ceuta and Melilla. We ensure our clients’ compliance with customs regulations, optimizing the dispatch process from an economic and financial point of view.

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We manage the entire process of loading and unloading, storage and customs as well as the activities of loading, stowage, unloading, unloading and transhipment of merchandise, object of maritime traffic, thus providing a comprehensive service for our customers.

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We provide an international ground transportation service, adapted to both the type of cargo and the specific needs of the customer.

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Our mission is to facilitate all aspects related to this field of work for the captains and their crew to ensure correct operations.

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We provide our customers with a freight transport service from the Peninsula to Ceuta.

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We offer our clients a freight transport service from the Peninsula to Las Palmas and Baleares.

Warehouses, distribution and logistics operations

Our warehouses, located throughout the national territory, measure more than 90,000 m2. They are authorized by the General Directorate of Customs:

  • Temporary Customs Warehouse
  • Customs warehouse
  • DDA Licence (VAT Warehouse)


Cabeza Group is one of the Freight Forwarders with the largest national and international presence. We therefore have a broad global coverage network which enables us to be close to you and answer any question, at any source or destination.
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What sectors do we manage?
In addition to having clients from all sectors of the economy, we also have experience and training in the following specialized areas:
Turnkey projects
EPC, engineering, procurement and construction
Pharmaceutical sector
Infrastructure projects
Retail Sector
Chemical and gas industry
Electric power
Renewable energy
Hospitality industry