Air freight

We have the best service for air shipments, adapted to the needs of each client. Therefore, we are leaders in the air cargo sector in Andalusia and offer solutions for any import or export cargo. Grupo Cabeza is an Official Agent of IATA (International Association of Air Transport).
Our extensive and consolidated network of correspondents, allow us to cover all zones and airports, as well as to move any type of merchandise, while seamlessly tracking all of the shipments. Thanks to our innovative tracking system, customers can consult in real time the exact situation of their shipments on the web.

Get instant solutions in critical situations

We have collaborative agreements with the leading airlines, so we have space reserved for transportation at any time of the year. Among our services, we differentiate between:

1) Maximum urgency service:
  • Shortest transit times, the number of stopovers and transshipment times is reduced.

  • We utilize the express service of the best airlines.

2) Standard service: 
  • Transit time: between 3 and 5 days.

  • Use of direct flights when market situations permit.

3) Economic service:
  • We identify the most economical route to import or export merchandise, when transit time is not the priority.

  • Transit time: ranges from 7 to 14 days.

Air Freight
Our air freight service is designed for those goods that, for scheduling reasons or unforeseen planning issues, require a fast and safe delivery.
Unusual and urgent shipments

When unforeseen problems arise in the supply chain, the ideal solution is air freight.


When it comes to small shipments, air freight is the perfect solution for sending samples in terms of delivery times and costs.

Regular traffic

Some trade, by its nature, requires air transport on a continuous basis and not solely in response to an emergency. In these cases, our specialists know how to secure the best conditions, getting a fast service at a moderate cost.

Dangerous goods (DGR).

We have solid experience in the coordination and transport of dangerous goods by air. We can advise on operations, ensuring that shipments meet the required requirements and, of course, comply with current regulations. We always look for the most suitable routes and companies for each import or export operation. There is a large number of everyday products that are considered restricted goods for air transport (DGR) including perfumes, electronic equipment, batteries, etc. If these products are not properly declared, labeled and packaged before travel, they could generate a safety hazard during transport, and even, adversely affect the health of the people handling such merchandise.

Perishable goods.

Whatever your product, we can offer transport solutions at a controlled temperature throughout the world. What do we offer? • Preparation of the best route with the shortest transit time. • Service from airport to airport and from door to door. • Temperature control. • Real-time tracking of merchandise through our tracking system. • Consolidations. • Great experience with and knowledge of perishable products. • Customs clearance.

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