Air transport of dangerous goods

We have significant experience in the coordination and air transport of dangerous goods. We can advise on operations, ensuring that shipments will fulfil the essential requirements and, of course, comply with current regulations. We always look for the most suitable routes and companies for each import or export operation.

There is a large number of everyday products that are considered restricted goods for air cargo (DGR): perfumes, electronic equipment, batteries, etc. If these products do not travel properly declared, labelled and packaged, they could generate a safety hazard during transport, and even, negatively affect the health of the people handling these goods.
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What are dangerous goods? 
The transport of dangerous goods can be a tedious task in terms of bureaucracy and security. An experienced logistics operator is the only person able to overcome all barriers and comply with the delivery requirements to the final destination. Air transport of this type of goods, despite needing special precautions, is an activity carried out on a daily basis all around the world.

What is meant by dangerous goods? 

Hazardous material is any substance or product that can generate or release substances harmful to human health and to the environment through its production, handling, transport, storage or use. Goods that can generate ionizing radiation in quantities which can cause injuries to people who come into contact with them, are also considered hazardous materials. Before transporting the goods, Grupo Cabeza carries out a classification process, taking into account the product’s chemical characteristics and level of danger.
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Shipper and operator

There are many different operators taking part in the process during the transport of goods, and everyone has their own safety responsibilities. In the case of air cargo containing dangerous goods, the two most important figures are the shipper and the operator.


The main activity of the shipper is to ensure that all requirements applicable to air cargo are met | Inform employees, as well as train them adequately. | Ensure that the items or substances that are being transported are not prohibited for air shipment.


The operator is dedicated to acceptance, storage, loading and stowage. | Inspection of possible losses or breakdowns. | Provision of information. | Preparation of reports, notification about incidents / accidents. | Document Maintenance | ETC

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