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Financial advantages for international operations at your service.
  • Non-application of customs duties.

  • Non-application of trade policy measures.

  • Non-application or exemption from internal taxes (VAT and II.EE.)


You can temporarily store and classify non-EU merchandise under customs control, with a maximum period of 90 days to dispatch to Free Practice or assign one of the Economic Customs Regimes: Temporary Import, Customs Deposit, Active Improvement, Transformation under customs control, or you can even export the merchandise to a third country, after its revision or usual manipulations contemplated in Regulation 952/2013. The clearance may be partial, passing the rest of the merchandise that has not been sold to the Customs Warehouse, thus splitting the payment of the corresponding taxes.


It allows for greater agility and flexibility to make the export dispatch in our facilities, to third countries, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, through partial receipts and groupings, all without the need to move the goods to the customs area, reducing unnecessary costs.


Where goods can be stored for an unlimited time, under customs control, until the final destination, inside or outside the Community customs territory, is decided.
The merchandise introduced may obtain the following benefits:

  • non-application of customs duties
  • non-application of trade policy measures
  • non-application or exemption from internal taxes (VAT and IIEE)
  • Advance payment of refunds provided for the export of agricultural products

We can manipulate the goods stipulated in Regulation 952/2013, before being dispatched for consumption, prepare them for sale utilizing orders and models according to the needs of the firm. One advantage is being able to withdraw the goods from the deposit partially, for which, the payment of tariffs and VAT can be divided.


Article 65 of Law 37/1992 states that the import goods reflected in said article, can be linked to the Separate Deposit of Customs, where they will be exempt from VAT while they remain in this regime, as well as the provision of services and sales inside the warehouse. This regime is a commercial advantage for those companies that have successive sales, since they would avoid paying the VAT of the merchandise. 

You can also link Spanish merchandise to the DVD, for its subsequent sale after export to a third country, in that case the sale between the two Spanish companies will be exempt from VAT for being merchandise linked to this regime.

Registered Sender of Excise Duties

As of April 1, 2010, Customs stopped issuing the accompanying documents, and the figure of Registered Shipper was born, for which, we registered in the Territorial registry of the Managing Office and are now authorized to issue the electronic circulation document (EMCS) of alcoholic beverages, after importation in suspension regime, from the office of clearance to the establishment of authorized destination.

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