Since 1880

We provide this service from the offices in Malaga, Algeciras, La Línea, Ceuta and Melilla and in all other customs offices through our network of correspondents. We ensure our clients’ compliance with customs regulations, optimizing the dispatch process from an economic and financial point of view. Since 2009, our Customs Agents are certified Authorized Economic Operators (AEO), which results in a great number of advantages for our clients including:
  • Fewer inspections for our customers.

  • More agility in the offices and greater security in the supply chain.

  • Dispatch of any import or export merchandise anywhere in the national territory.

  • Easier to qualify for simplified customs procedures

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In our warehouses in Malaga and Algeciras, we have more than 12,000 m2 and integrate all customs figures available to our customers including:

Customs Services
The customs legislation in the European Union establishes the figure of the customs representative to carry out the necessary customs procedures. The customs representative is the declarant who makes the customs declaration in his own name or the person in whose name the declaration is made. In addition, the customs representative supports the import and export of goods, which may be subject to customs inspection and restrictions.

Processing of registration of EORI codes

Fiscal representation

Operates with the same advantages and benefits of a Spanish company despite being a foreign company.

Customs clearance

Customs offices for the import and export of sea, air and land shipments.

Special Customs Regimes

Special customs regimes: temporary imports, traffic improvement.


Transits and links to deposits.


Advice and consulting.


Application and processing of authorizations for the opening of customs warehouses to our clients.

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