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The tax representative is a natural or legal person that permits companies, not established in the geographical area of Spain, to operate as a buyer and seller in Spanish territory. In addition, you can designate a tax representative to any individual or legal entity residing in Spain.

The appointment of a representative must be effective prior to the execution of purchase and sales operations subject to Spanish taxes. It is important to remember that you will continue to be taxed on profits in your country of origin.

Cabeza Group is at your disposal as your fiscal representative. We are a recognized partner in Spain and will become your interlocutor before the tax authorities. Thus, we facilitate the conciliation between clients, suppliers and tax authorities, achieving a framing of their logistical, customs and fiscal operations that meets their expectations and thus reduces bureaucratic procedures.

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Legal nature

It is legal, in other words, the representative acts as a fiscal agent, in the event that companies not established in the EU want to operate in the Spanish VAT territory.

Voluntary Character

It is voluntary, that is, the representative acts as a mere manager, in the case of companies established in EU countries that want to operate in Spain


To contribute for the non-Spanish company: Certificate of the Commercial Registry of the company or public deed of incorporation of the same. Copy of the passport of the legal representative of the company. Proxy and Representation contract to be signed by the legal representative of the non-Spanish company. Contract of collaboration and fiscal representation. Authorization to register an Eori No. and link it to your NIF N. Authorization to receive electronic notifications on your behalf.


Obtaining EORI registration. Obtaining the Spanish NIF or NIF-VAT. Presentation of VAT returns (monthly or quarterly), processing of refund requests, compensation and VAT income. Processing of Intrastat declarations. Receipt of correspondence with the Tax and Customs Administration, resolving any questions that may arise in defense of your interests before the Spanish authorities.


If you think you have a stock of merchandise and would like to lengthen the payment of import duties to improve your margins, we offer you the use of our warehouses including customs warehouses and fiscal deposits. If you plan to import raw material for processing or assembly in Spain and, (once completed), sell it outside of the European Union, we offer special customs regimes: - Special Destination Regime. - Active Improvement Regime. - System of Passive Improvement. - Temporary Import Regime.