Get a comprehensive logistic service for your import and export operations, including storage in the customs warehouse and distribution of your goods.

We pick up your goods and take them to one of our customs warehouses to carry out the Customs paperwork at origin. We prepare the expedition for full truck load as well as for less than truck load.

We manage international land, sea or air transport, according to your needs and your cargo. We take care of the customs procedures with our network of customs agents. We distribute your goods to the final destination.

What services can we offer in terms of logistics, storage and distribution?
Special handling

Grupo Cabeza offers a transport service for special cargo, perfect for goods that, due to their nature, size, weight or urgency, must meet special regulations and require specific administrative authorizations, equipment and vehicles suitable for their transport.

Integrated logistics

It is made up of the following functions: preparation and execution of orders of a certain quantity, organization in the warehouses, as well as structuring, packaging and the receipt of the shipment. The purpose of these functions is to offer an improved logistic solution for companies.

Picking, order preparation and distribution

Comprehensive management services, transport, receiving, storage, picking and distribution for companies that need an external logistics warehouse, either for a long-term period or for a specific period.

Storage of goods

The logistics warehouse service consists of loading, unloading and safekeeping of goods while they are under the responsibility of the company.

Control and management of computerized stock

Optimal logistics inventory management, which involves managing the goods including stock levels that require replenishment, receipt of the goods by the customer, going through orders to suppliers, etc.

In our warehouses in Malaga and Algeciras, we have more than 12,000 m2 and integrate all customs figures available to our customers including:













Our customers

We solve your capacity and stock control issues with the added value of being a customs warehouse.

The outsourcing of your logistics services will allow you to be exclusively focused on your business while we take care of issues such as storage and distribution. Therefore, you will also be able to reduce your logistical costs since we provide the warehouse, the warehouse equipment according to your needs, the machinery and the staff.




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