Refrigerated containers

The reefer container or refrigerated container is a type of intermodal container equipped with a cooling engine that allows the easy transport of perishable goods at a specific temperature, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, chemical and pharmaceutical products, etc.

For the proper functioning of the reefer container, the engine relies on an external energy source, which can be located on ships or on terminals.

It is important to know that not all trucks are equipped with this technology. Ask for a competitive quote to hire a reefer container and we will advise you about this service. Below are the reefer container models:
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The most common reefer containers allow for adjustment to a fixed temperature with a variation of +/- 2ºC and within the range of -25ºC to + 25ºC. Most products are transported using these settings, however, there are cases in which lower temperatures or other conditions are required, therefore it is recommended to use more specific reefer container types, such as the following:
Up to -60ºC

These containers have the advantage of transporting goods that can withstand up to -60ºC. They contain a more advanced motor and more efficient insulating material. This type of container is ideal for transporting tuna, swordfish and some pharmaceutical products.

Controlled atmosphere

Reefer equipment that is able to maintain a certain atmospheric pressure in order, for example, to control the ripening process of the fruits they contain. Some of these containers also allow for creating high humidity.

Better ventilated

These maritime containers are equipped with thermal insulation and engines that provide powerful ventilation. They are a solution for products such as potatoes, dried garlic, coffee, etc.

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