Transportation from Peninsula to


In Grupo Cabeza we work to offer a direct service between the Peninsula and the
city of Ceuta , with regular departure times and direct deliveries.

The transport of your goods is carried out in the best conditions and with the lowest possible cost, whether for full load or for groupage. We guarantee transportation in a timely and convenient manner and under agreed upon conditions with total security.
In addition, Grupo Cabeza offers a comprehensive service of customs, storage, logistics, distribution, urgent cargo, and courier service, all over the world.

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Refrigerated Chambers

Cold container

Door to door


  • Storage

  • Order management: Picking preparation.

  • Merchandise handling: Packaging updates, …

  • Storage control (Thanks to our proprietary development software)

  • Input quality control, we provide you within our

  • Daily collection service for conventional refrigerated dry goods (Reefer) and frozen goods from the facilities

  • Prospect of carrying out quality inspections at the point of entry following the specifications of qualified personnel and specific to the requirements for your products.

  • Administrative management of orders prepared on your management software or using our proprietary system

  • Billing. We offer effective management of the billing process for orders processed in our facilities and for sending billing documents to the end customer

  • Daily loading service to Ceuta for parcels and full loads, both in dry and refrigerated (Reefer) and frozen goods.

Temperature controlled transport

The changes in degrees in temperature-controlled transport can result in rapid, irreversible loss of quality. Cabo Express, which belongs to Grupo Cabeza, is a company specialized in controlled-temperature transport and logistics.

Cabo Express intervenes as a temperature-controlled logistics and transport specialist in all sectors of the food industry, transporting frozen products, fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, ice cream, beverages, baked goods, wine, dry foods, pharmaceutical products, raw materials, unprocessed products, etc.

We have a fleet of refrigerated trucks, bi-temperature refrigerated trucks as well as refrigerated trucks and vans for distribution. In addition, we also have refrigerated chambers in our warehouses in Melilla.

We have the necessary human, technological and computer resources to optimize the preparation, tracking and management of our transport services.

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