COMPLIANCE: Circular 1/2016, on the criminal liability of legal persons in accordance with the reform of the Criminal Code made by Organic Law 1/2015, determines the obligation of companies to integrate into their processes a protection system known as the Compliance or regulatory compliance; it aims to establish the appropriate policies and procedures to ensure that a company, including its managers, employees and related agents, as suppliers, comply with the applicable regulatory framework. Compliance is a subject that is embedded in the culture of the company as it seeks to internalize respect for the Law as a source of inspiration for all processes and systems thereof.

Grupo Cabeza is committed to adopting this culture and integrating all necessary measures to prevent, detect and correct those behaviors that are contrary to the law and the rights of people. Therefore, as a strategic plan, it has adopted and developed all the necessary actions to implement a code of conduct and a model for the prevention of criminal and anticorruption activities, as the first steps toward the establishment of a regulatory compliance management system.